Yorkspring case study:

Yorkspring Clinic Case Study NO.1:

Going to the gym running, looking into the mirror, the flesh of the face shook and trembled as soon as I ran. God, I am only 29 years old, my face is already loose to this extent? What should I do? - Honey juice confused girl came to the clinic for consultation.

York Spring Clinic Case Study No.2:

Is there any massage technique to remedy the loose face of a 31-year-old? What kind of cream is useful for tightening skin care? Can the fall legislation used by the stars really delay the sagging of my face? What should I do? —–Amazing my sister

York Spring Clinic Classic Case Study No.3:

Recently, I noticed that my cheeks on both sides were obviously sagging and weeping! What should I do? - Little fairy looks like a flesh


针对面部下垂,约克春天诊所给予最好的治疗对策:青春定格术线雕! 不用手术,只在一针一线间,也能达到堪称“拉皮“效果的线雕! 也是线雕一直以来火热程度居高不下的原因,提升紧肤的效果超厉害,而且当场就见效。

The line carving has an immediate effect.As people’s age grows, except for the long wrinkles, the whole face feels down. An important reason for these problems is the loose of facial ligament tissue

The ligament structure of the face,the facial ligament is like an elastic band with good elasticity, which can firmly fix the tissue in the original position. When the elastic fiber of the ligament is broken, the elasticity of the ligament is getting worse and worse, and the tightening effect is getting worse. With the influence of soft tissue aging and gravity, the facial tissue will fall down, and the nasolabial fold, the face of the sheep, and the double chin will come out. Facial line carving is performed by implanting a special PPDO line into the subcutaneous tissue and lifting it up like a ligament, so that the sagging soft tissue is immediately returned to the original position, and the line with a special "two-way inverted claw" can enhance the effect without displacement.

The treatment of facial line carving ,

  1. After the facial line carving.

On the spot, you can see the loose boastful face lifted up, the jaw contour is firmer and the face is smaller, and the double chin is gone.

  1. Sustainably delay aging.

Facial line carving also has a persistent foreign body effect: it stimulates the regeneration of collagen under the skin, making the skin firm and smooth, delicate wrinkle lines, full skin elastic, and improved skin tone.

  1. Recovery is fast, there is no trace

The facial line carving is implanted under the skin through a fine needle. The resulting trace is a small needle pierce that will heal quickly and will not affect daily life. After completely recovering, the trace will not be seen, so that facial line carving is favored by people.

  1. Wire can be absorbed without residue

Safety is the top priority of plastic surgery and is also of concern to people.

Wire for face line carving - PPDO line is a very safe absorbable line. This material line can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the body, which has no harmful effect on human health. 

Q: What do you need to pay attention to in the face embedding?


1. After the swelling disappears, it does not mean that it has completely recovered, because the recovery of deep tissue under the skin still processing. For a period of time, the shape of the face may not be that beautiful and there will be redness on the skin, but do not worry, you only need to adopt Hot compresses and other methods to speed up the recovery of the surgery. The redness can completely disappear after a period of time, but remember not to be too hasty, so as not to cause some other injuries.

2. There may be facial stiffness after surgery, usually recovering in 1-2 weeks.

3. Ban alcohol before performing facial lifting surgery. Do not take antibiotics such as aspirin before surgery.

4. All aspects of physical examination should be done before surgery to ensure the surgical effect and no allergic reaction after surgery.

5. Stop spicy food after surgery to avoid excessive rubbing.

Q:Why is there a pit after the wire carving? 


1. There is a concomitant reaction during the recovery period. During the accompanying reaction, your skin has different degrees of depression, some edema in different areas, and the skin surface is a bit pitted. Just like sewing clothes, when we pull the loose skin with a thread, there will be some wrinkles. The skin's self-absorption and achieve a flat surface requires a 30-day recovery process.

2. In theory, there is another reason for skin pit. When our line goes from the opening point to the subcutaneous tissue, then to the end line, it travels a long-distance in the tissue for nearly ten centimeters. There are a lot of barbs on this line, it must have been hung in the position of the line, and when the line does not accurately walk in the fascia, there is no hanging, or it is very shallow. This can also result in skin pit.

3. Three days after line carving, some people will feel inside "squeaky" is off the line, when eating something or smiling.

4. Basically, depressions within thirty days are allowed to exist. If there is still a lot of trouble after 30 days, it is a technical problem.

5. Generally speaking, we do not make too many expressions on our faces within ten to fifteen days after we have done the big line. In fact, the lines just entered the skin, and haven’t stimulated the skin to produce collagen to wrap the line.

If you make a very exaggerated expression, and the involvement of your muscles may be impacted.

Q:What are the possible side effects of line carving?


The first is that it will cause a local hematoma, which can take two or three weeks to recover;

The second type is local edema, which usually occurs where the skin is thin or the line is dense

The third is the problem of the exposed line, which is also a very normal situation;

The fourth is the collapse or collapse of the line. This situation is normal, don't worry. But this situation is very rare. In order to prevent the line from being decomposed and absorbed on the basis of 6 months of skin improvement, it is recommended to use the face shaping repair belt every day after the line carving, at least for more than 6 months!

Q:Precautions before and after line carving: 

1. line carving cannot be done if the skin has traumatic inflammation, otherwise there will be the risk of infection;

2. Special attention should be pay to the location of the protein line if you have sensitive skin.

3. Clean the skin before surgery within the scope of surgery, to avoid infection;

4. Apply icepack if the open skin is bruise;

5. 3 days after surgery, you can not wash your face with overheated water, the water temperature can be lower than 37 °C;

6. Need to ban smoking within 2 weeks after surgery, and avoid spicy food

7. Avoid do exaggerated expression within 3 months after surgery, and do not press the surgical site, as well as not entering high temperature environment, and do not be exposed to sunlight.

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