Chinese facial Feng Shui

York Spring micro-shaping can change your facial feng shui

We only know that the stars are keen on micro-shaping, but why are they keen? York Springs boldly recommends to you, they must know that micro-shaping can subtly change the feng shui pattern on their faces, which will help them to become prosperous or marry into the giants~~ ~~

Full of foreheads, wealthy peers, noble people to help

In ancient and modern China and abroad, people regard "the fullness of the heavens" as a blessing, and the wise men such as Confucius are extremely full. Women with a full forehead will not only be regarded as open-minded, smart, but also bring good luck and wealth, but also a symbol of youth, making women's facial features more beautiful.

Charisma: Fengtou

The abundance of the sun, husband and wife

The husband and wife palace near the forehead, that is, the temple, if the Fenglong is full, then the husband and wife can be married, and the children are prosperous. The husband and wife sag, most of them are mean, the relationship between husband and wife is very shallow, and even the life is not good; and the woman who is full of husband and wife, not only the relationship between husband and wife is good, but also help.

Charisma: Feng Temple

Eyebrows are willow leaves, heart is soft

The brow shape is quite large, and at the same time, it has an arc-shaped eyebrow, and it is a "breast eyebrow" from the eye to the rear of the eye. Women with this type of eyebrows have incomparable kindness, soft heart and help. Because there are not many women with this type of eyebrows, if men encounter, they must actively grasp, so as not to miss the opportunity.

Charm improvement: raising eyebrows.

Clear eyes, optimistic positive

The eyes are large and flexible, and the women with black and white eyes are mostly innocent, cheerful and atmospheric. They are advancing and retreating, there is no unbearable arrogance, so life is good, and more positive thinking is about the world. Even if life encounters low tides and setbacks, it will be calmly faced and overcome, and it will not be difficult to fly with each other, but it will be difficult for her husband.

Charisma: double eyelids

There is a silkworm in the eye, and the blessing comes

The lying silkworm is a band-shaped bulge of about four to seven millimeters next to the lower edge of the eyelashes. It seems that a silkworm baby is lying on the edge of the lower eyelashes, and it is obvious to smile, making the eyes cute. People who have lying silkworms often show intimacy and great wisdom, and they are charming and attractive, so they can get peach blossoms and easy to have "extraordinary" help. "Landworm Eyes" is one of the two gold standards for Hong Kong's wealthy selection of ladies.

Charisma: Feng silkworm

Apple tendon, Wangfuyizi

Two centimeters below the eye is the ankle, where the muscles are apple muscle, also known as "smile muscle." The full apple muscle makes the cheeks appear like an apple-like round curve. When you don't laugh, it looks like a smile, and the smile is sweeter and gentler. People with insignificant apple muscles will appear to be too thin and have no blessings and beauty. If the apple muscle is round and shiny, it is the Wangfuzizi phase. They are helpful to both the family and the husband's cause, and the husband and wife are the leaders.

Charisma: Feng apple muscle, ankle repair

The nose is quite upright, less grandma

Looking at the rich nose, the woman's nose is straight and straight, the nose is full and the nose is full, most of them are extravagant and have less grandmother life. Because of its nose and nose, you can gain confidence and skill, and your career will be rewarded. Coupled with the flawless nose and nostrils, it is possible to have a husband and husband, and most of the husbands are professionals.

Charisma: rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, nostril narrowing, thickened nose, hump nose correction

The earlobe is thick and has no worries.

The thicker the earlobe, the thicker the fortune, the earlobe hangs like a bead, and the fortune must be full. Women who have this ear, money, friends and help are very good, treat people with generosity, especially for husbands and children, will understand their mood. If you are blessed and have a relationship, your family will be able to receive her blessings and enjoy a life of worry-free life.

Charisma: Feng Er.

Chin full, help husband

Face-to-face learning cloud "heavy and heavy, support the family", meaning a woman with a full chin, is the prime minister in the face. A woman with a perfect chin is easy to get along with and understand. The chin is full of fleshy people who enjoy the facial features, have leadership skills, are supported by people, and are very beneficial to the husband's career. Because they are standard sages, they are quite considerate, cheerful and generous, gentle and honest, and they are lifelong companions that can be trusted.

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