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All we know is that stars are passionate about micro-shaping, but why on earth are we passionate about it?


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York Spring Medical Beauty International Group offer professional safety and elite medical treatments. 


Dot Matrix Laser restores skin tone Restores skin vitality / reduces wrinkles / treats spots Improves skin texture

Ultra V-lift

Recover your youthful and charming face

Skin Booster

Skin Booster: Make your skin hydrating and whitening

Welcome to York Springs

York Spring Medical Beauty International Group offer professional safety and elite medical treatments.  9625 Yonge St. store has the makeup and skincare show 2 times a month, part of the Lucky clients will be given a skin care voucher. So far, York Spring Medical Beauty International Group has three branches in Canada, in the next 3 to 5 years, will invest in more chain agencies throughout Canada, and constantly promote the national layout of the brand.

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York Spring Medical Beauty International Group

With a first-class medical team, the world's cutting-edge high-tech medical equipment, Canada's first high-end private custom medical beauty project, the world's leading stem cells, hormones, wrinkle needles, hyaluronic acid and other professional medical products... .. Our team also has four high-level tattoos, tattoo designers let you become beautiful in the shortest time.
At the same time, Dr. Jemmy, a famous Canadian medical beauty expert, personally led our medical team to create beautiful you!
We also have professional private custom-made water-light needles, hydrating whitening and rejuvenation. The world's top star brand FDA-certified four-generation serum stem cells and stem cell serum hyaluronic acid, filling, freckle, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle beauty once completed to eliminate acne And wrinkle-removing Smart Skin Co2
And the American Honeycomb Pico Sure for the spot removal function.
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Hot treatments

Golden Micro Needle

Gold Micro needle combines micro-needle minimally invasive, dot-matrix pixel technology and radio- frequency, using micro-needle wave probes that can adjust different depths.1 million Hz of radio waves are released at the same time.

Quantum v Hera

Hera (Quantum V Itherapy-carving beauty instrument) simultaneously adds quantum energy, promotes cell metabolism, enhances blood circulation, and enhances the stretching of collagen tissue to achieve the perfect effect of filling wrinkles, collagen regeneration, dredging meridians, and health shaping.

Skin Booster

New products from France, active technology in the anti-aging community, our Filoca 135HA water light needle, well-known mesoderm therapy is very effective for the improvement of the fine lines of the eye circumference.

VMAX Cartridgeless HIFU

VMAX Cartridgeless HIFU is one of the latest non-invasive liposuction technology, currently only one for facial muscles, body fat layer positioning, tightening and dissolution, and can replace lean face needles and fat-soluble needles of high-tech beauty system.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma is used to target and heal damaged tissue(s). The platelets are specialized cells designed to stop bleeding, heal tissues, and generate “growth factors” to reinvigorate the body.


Eliminate stubborn fat – no surgery, no downtime. CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared procedure that uses advanced cooling technology to safely target fat cells and destroy them. Once treated, the fat cells should not come back.

私人订制6D立体艺术纹绣:眉(雾+飘+线条)、眼(立体无痕眼线)、唇(水晶果冻唇)  原价$2500  现价$1600

To have a star-like face, York Spring suggests five must-do micro-plastic projects:

PDO Thread Lift
The PDO Thread Lift procedure is a safe, high-quality option to treat loose skin on one’s neck, face, and body. This is a non-surgical treatment used to offer structured skin enhancements with minimal
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chin enhancement
Hyaluronic acid is an exceptionally good filler in skin leveling. Can absorb 10 to hundreds of times of water from the body, so that the skin moisturizing, appear crystal clear bright moisturizing.
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PDO Thread Lifting nose
Look rich in the nose, the woman's nose straight and quite, nose and the nasal wing full, most of the very expensive. Because of the beautiful nose, can feel confidence .
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Lean face needle/ tightening lifting needle
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Nano-unmarked double eyelid
Bio-welded nano-unmarked double eyelid is different from the traditional double eyelid method, which avoids the traditional double eyelid method of cutting (open double eyelid),
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Chinese facial Feng Shui

York Spring micro-shaping can change your facial feng shui

Full of foreheads, wealthy peers, noble people to help

In ancient and modern China and abroad, people regard "the fullness of the heavens" as a blessing, and the wise men such as Confucius are extremely full. Women with a full forehead will not only be regarded as open-minded, smart, but also bring good luck and wealth, but also a symbol of youth, making women's facial features more beautiful.

Charisma: Fengtou

The abundance of the sun, husband and wife

The husband and wife palace near the forehead, that is, the temple, if the Fenglong is full, then the husband and wife can be married, and the children are prosperous. The husband and wife sag, most of them are mean, the relationship between husband and wife is very shallow, and even the life is not good; and the woman who is full of husband and wife, not only the relationship between husband and wife is good, but also help.

Charisma: Feng Temple

Eyebrows are willow leaves, heart is soft

The brow shape is quite large, and at the same time, it has an arc-shaped eyebrow, and it is a "breast eyebrow" from the eye to the rear of the eye. Women with this type of eyebrows have incomparable kindness, soft heart and help. Because there are not many women with this type of eyebrows, if men encounter, they must actively grasp, so as not to miss the opportunity.

Charm improvement: raising eyebrows.

Your face problem, York Spring to solve!

Change the magic master, return to the child's face, shape your skin against the growth legend!

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