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York Spring Medical Beauty International Group offer professional safety and elite medical treatments. 

9625 Yonge St. store has the makeup and skincare show 2 times a month, part of the Lucky clients will be given a skin care voucher.

So far, York Spring Medical Beauty International Group has three branches in Canada, in the next 3 to 5 years, will invest in more chain agencies throughout Canada, and constantly promote the national layout of the brand.

York Spring Medical Beauty International Group

Each branch provides you with top medical beauty treatments, including: The United States genuine 2018 Cynosupe Pico Sure 755nm honeycomb picosecond laser to remove freckle, age spots, tattoos, birthmarks.The latest world's top European star multi-functional beauty instrument, permanent painless hair removal, Smartskin CO2,German quantum v hera, Revlite C8, Ulthera HIFU, gold micro-needle, acne and acne pit treatment, laser pregnancy pattern treatment, Remove flat warts. Ear hole, slimming shape, liposonix , quantum v hera , the latest water needle, aqua peel.

PDO Thread Lift, PRP Platelet –rich plasma, lean face needle, fat-soluble needle, facial contour lifting, top protection liver whitening needle, nutrition needle, etc., We offer every client an individualized health and beauty treatment plan is administered to each patient to help regain his or her youthful look while prioritizing safety. We're committed to continuously improving our services and processes to meet your needs.The group's service coverage: Chinese facial Feng Shui micro-shaping, top skin management, skin, tattoo, tattoos, Anti-aging hormone therapy, government certified registered dietitian, therapist, car accident rehabilitation Treatment (Doctor of CHIROPRACTIC/RMT), receiving students and company insurance treatment and many other fields.

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