Golden Micro Needle

Gold microneedle principle and efficacy

The gold micro-needle combines the micro-needle minimally invasive; dot-matrix pixel technology and radio wave pull function, and utilizes a micro-needle radio wave probe that can adjust different depths. When the microneedle in the probe penetrates the skin, it will release 1 million HZ radio waves at the same time. This radio wave is only released at the bottom tip and does not heat the epidermis, so it can safely, accurately, uniformly and effectively heat the collagen of the deep dermis, promote collagen denaturation, double recombination and coagulation. In addition, the micro-needle caused by minimally invasive stimulation of a variety of activating factors, the skin from the epidermis to the deep fascia, to achieve skin regeneration, firm lifting, fades wrinkles and reshapes the contours of the face.

Gold RF micro needle working principle:

1. The mechanical stimulation of the micro needle, together with the biological effects and thermal stimulation generated by radiofrequency, together stimulate the skin's self-healing system, promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, and initiate the regeneration and rearrangement of collagen;

2. The penetration of the micro needle opens up the quick absorption channel of the skin, facilitating the entry of cosmetic ingredients into the skin;

3. The radiofrequency energy emitted by the micro needle tip can selectively destroy the hair follicle sebaceous glands, apocrine glands, inhibit the inflammatory response, and activate the anti-inflammatory repair system.

4. Gold RF micro needles with three different needles for face, body and stretch marks

Gold RF micro needle efficacy:

  1. Facial rejuvenation, firming, crow's feet, head-lifting, forehead, Sichuan, pattern, mouth, neck, and other wrinkles, and firming the skin;
  2. Wrinkles: crow's feet, raised lines, striated lines, neck lines;
  3. Stretch marks, expanded lines;
  4. Rejuvenation: large pores and dull skin
  5. Rejuvenation: large pores and dull skin
  6. Active acne;
  7. Regular skin care;

Golden RF micro needle advantages;

1. Compared with ordinary micro needles, the gold micro needles are fast-forward and quick-release under the control of the electronic system. The epidermis is less damaged and repaired quickly. At the same time, the micro-needle penetration depth can be precisely adjusted according to the needs, so that the treatment is more precise;

2. Compared with ordinary radio frequency, gold radio frequency avoids the stimulation and damage of RF energy to the epidermis, reduces the incidence of adverse reactions such as burns and color sinks; at the same time, it can precisely control the depth of RF interaction according to needs, so that the RF effect is more focused and more accurate;

3. The combination of micro-needle and radio frequency makes the treatment more precise and efficient, and the cosmetic effect is greatly improved;

4. At the same time, facial wrinkles and firming have a certain face-lifting effect, especially for those with facial obesity.

Precautions after treatment

1. After treatment, the saline area needs to use normal saline to avoid strenuous exercise, sauna, high temperature bath or high temperature rinse.

2. The skin will have a fever after 1~2 of gold micro needle treatment. You can use ice or cold mask to reduce the burning sensation. After 2~3 hours, the burning sensation will disappear.

3. On the 3rd day after surgery, daily use of repair products (growth factor, hyaluronic acid paste accessories) could shorten the recovery period.

4. Two days after surgery, there will be slight scarring and scaling of the gold microneedle treatment site. This is a normal phenomenon after treatment. Do not think that tearing off the scars requires natural shedding.

5. After the gold microneedle treatment, the sun is prone to pigmentation, so pay attention to sunscreen, outdoor activities to wipe sunscreen, umbrella, wear mouth