CYNOSUPE Pico Sure 755nm

American 2018 CYNOSUPE Pico Sure 755nm remove freckle & white spots, whitening, skin rejuvenation, face yellow, laser aging age spots, wash tattoo, abortion, laser red blood.

Pico Sure have 755 wavelengths, known as chloasma and other snipers. No matter what kind of variegated species (freckles, sunburn, age spots, hormone spots, chloasma, etc., shallow spots deep spots, to other people's uncertain hordes, large pores, bumps, acne pit, any There are examples of color tattoos that can be significantly improved, which can stimulate collagen regeneration in the skin and shrink pores. The skin problems are exhausted and the tender muscles reappear.

York Spring [CYNOSUPE Pico Sure 755nm] is an original certified beauty medical clinic

Higher clearance rate 

York Spring Medical Beauty International Group, all doctors for professional training, proper manipulation, does not harm normal skin tissue. There is no wounds and dermis damage after picosure laser treatment, and the damage to the skin is reduced. It can shatter the pigment into extremely small particles, which is more convenient for the body to metabolize the pigment and greatly improve the clearance rate of the stain.

Clear faster

Instantly crush the stain particles, shortening the treatment time and treatment, only 2-3 times to complete, wrinkle only once has the effect.

 Refuse to return to black 

Based on the fast and powerful shocking power of picosure lasers, the risk of thermal damage to the skin is greatly reduced, and the risk of re-energizing melanin (returning to black) is also relatively reduced.

Give stem cell repair products

All guests who are treated at the York Spring Clinic are entitled to a free facial repair medication and daily medical stem cell repair products. Repair picoseconds to remove spots to speed up skin repair.