CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non-invasive therapy that freezes stubborn fat at specific low temperatures, allowing fat cells to naturally decay, effectively thinning the fat layer by 22% in a few weeks without surgery or affecting other cellular tissues. The professional therapist will conduct a personalized assessment with the customer to determine if the customer is eligible for treatment and to develop an optimal treatment plan. Applicable to beer belly, vice milk, butterfly sleeves, double chin, elephant legs, etc., to solve the whole body and local obesity. How do you feel when you have a treatment? A few minutes after the start of freezing, the customer will feel the suction and freezing effect. During the course of treatment, customers can read, surf the internet or take a nap.

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Cryolipolysis- the latest non-surgical, non-invasive liposuction

Cryolipolysis is a new technology that inspires beauty lovers to remove annoying cellulite that cannot be removed by exercise and dieting.

Cryolipolysis is a technical breakthrough in fat-reducing surgery. It uses freezing technology to eliminate stubborn cellulite. A special therapeutic probe fixes and freezes the target cellulite for one hour, causing necrotic degradation of fat cells. Each treatment can eliminate about 20% of fat cells.

There is no need for surgery for cryolysis, customers can read, listen to music and even use a computer during treatment; resume daily work and life immediately after treatment. It is the gospel of people who can't get time to exercise or do fat loss surgery. After surgery, the V-shaped instrument can be used. The skin is more compact and has a effect of 1-3 mm. The effect of 4-6 mm can be seen in three weeks, but the best effect will not appear until 2 to 4 months after surgery.


Q:What is the postoperative effect?

A: Each treatment can eliminate about 20% of fat cells, and the second treatment can eliminate 20% of fat cells, but the final fat loss varies from person to person.

Q: What is the surgical procedure?

A: First select the area where fat loss is needed (for example, the lower abdomen). The therapist will place the treatment probe on the lower ventral side, inhale the cellulite into the treatment probe by negative pressure, and then freeze the inhaled cellulite.

Q: How is it feeling?

A: In the first ten minutes, you will feel a strong feeling of negative pressure and freezing, then this feeling will gradually disappear, you can sit or lie down comfortably, some people will bring books to read, or use portable the computer works for one to two hours until the end of treatment.


Q:Can I work right away after treatment?

A:Yes, cryolysis is a non-invasive fat-reducing procedure, so you can resume your daily work and life right away. The treatment may have a slight redness, numbness or tingling, but this is only temporary. It will appear and disappear in a few days, without affecting daily work or study.

Q: When can I see the results?

A:The effect can be seen three weeks after treatment, and there will be a significant improvement after 2 months of treatment, but the body will gradually rule out necrotic fat, which is usually about 4 months.

Q:Is the effect of cryolysis permanent?

A:Since the treated fat cells have been necrolyzed and dissolved, and eventually excreted with the lymphatic circulation, the effect is permanent. However, it should be reminded that if you do not adhere to healthy living habits, the remaining fat cell volume will still become larger, resulting in local fat accumulation.