PRP stem cells 4 generations of serum resident

What isPRP technology

PRP technology is a high concentration of serum rich in platelets and growth factors produced by its own blood to promote wound healing and cell proliferation, differentiation and new tissue formation. Rich in a variety of high-concentration growth factors can activate skin collagen, collagen tissue rejuvenation and reorganization, and promote skin regret. Repair aging, damaged skin tissue, improves rough and uneven skin texture, tightens and lift lose face, reduce wrinkles, improve aging skin condition and repair sensitive skin. PRP autologous serum stem cells (Platelet Rich Plasma) are blood cells rich in platelets, plasma or growth factors. People can use PRP technology to extract cells and plasma rich in high concentrations of platelets and various auto growth factors.

Six functions of PRP

1. Powerful Anti-wrinkle: PRP is rich in a variety of growth factors. After injecting into the superficial layer of dermis, it can stimulate the production of a large amount of collagen, elastic fiber, colloid, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of strong wrinkle, and can remove various wrinkles. Such as: forehead pattern, Sichuan word pattern, crow's feet pattern, fine lines around the eyes, nose back lines, law lines, mouth wrinkles, neck lines.

2. Filling scars: When PRP is injected into the skin, a strong growth factor will promote tissue regeneration, have special effects on depressed scars, tissue loss, and can also be used for lip augmentation.

3. Optimized skin: Active factors accelerate and promote the establishment of skin microcirculation, thereby accelerating metabolism, improving skin texture and skin tone, making the original dull skin more white, delicate and shiny, and improving eye bags and dark circles.

4. Powerful anti-aging: PRP can promote the growth and rearrangement of multiple tissues of the skin, so as to achieve an overall improvement in skin condition and continue to delay aging.

5. Desalination of pigmentation: the establishment of facial microcirculation, and the acceleration of skin metabolism, can promote the skin to discharge a large number of toxins, effectively improve pigmentation, sunburn, erythema, chloasma and other pigmentation.

6. Safe anti-allergic: continuous use of PRP for treatment will change the skin's original stress system, make the skin healthier and more energetic, and effectively improve allergic skin.

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Posted by ELITE PRP on Saturday, December 8, 2018