PDO Thread lift

PDO Thread lift

The full face is lifted by a medical protein line that can be dissolved and absorbed by the human body. It is injected below the dermis layer of the skin to create the tension of the skin in the desired direction without any side effects. It is the easiest to replace the traditional facial lifting technique. The method, the shortest time, allows anyone to have magical changes, and does not affect normal daily life after surgery.

Protein line full face lift stimulates collagen hyperplasia, tightens loose skin, enhances sagging face and delays skin aging. The protein line enhances the beauty through the epidermis - into the dermis - to the fascia - damage to the fines. A cosmetic surgery is that initiates the body's own repair and regeneration of the fine pack by destroying the cells.

Protein line facial enhancement advantages:

The facial lifting wound is small. The tiny little wounds are hidden in the bun, and the advanced technology is almost non-invasive without any scars.

The face lift uses a patented device to reduce the surgical area. The patented instrument directly peels off the ligament and part of the lower forehead ligament, and sutures the relaxed ligament, so that the displaced beauty returns to its original position.

Facial lift enhances facial contours naturally. Due to the tightening of the ligament, the entire tissue of the face, including the skin, subcutaneous tissue, facial expression muscles, ligaments, etc., is moved up and down, avoiding the weird facial features caused by the skin being too tight and the subcutaneous tissue still slack.

Facial lifting has a short recovery time. The facial incision has a small incision and does not make a large area of ​​peeling, which greatly shortens the postoperative dressing time and recovery time, and saves precious operation time for the majority of patients seeking beauty. Minimize the pain of surgery for beauty seekers. Under normal circumstances, patients can work and live normally for 3 days.

The effect is comprehensive. One operation can simultaneously raise the corners of the eyes, improve the cheeks and cheeks, significantly improve the nasolabial folds, tighten the lower forehead skin, partially lift the neck to relax the skin, improve the neck wrinkles and other effects, and at the same time, due to the overall movement of the facial composite tissue, Has a powerful face-lifting effect.