What should I do after a car accident in York Spring repair rehabilitation center? 


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After a car accident, pay attention to two points

Exchange insurance information and retain evidence in a timely manner,

  1. The other party’s confession

After the accident, if it is the other party's fault, the other party often apologizes at the time of the incident, acknowledging that it is his/her fault. In this case, you should immediately take the pen and paper, let the perpetrator write it down and sign and write the date, because after the event, many people often change their minds and deny that it is his/her fault. This kind of case is simply too numerous to enumerate. And if it is a red light, if there are no witnesses, or if there is no witness contact information, or if the witnesses do not cooperate in the future, and there is no police report, in this case, they can only eat dumbly and can’t say anything.

  1. The name and contact details of the witness:

If a witness witnesses a car accident, be sure to leave his name and contact details.

  1. Cars and people need to obtain evidence

If there is traumatic bruising (or bruises), or must be photographed in time, because such minor trauma, it is often not obvious after one or two days, the effect of taking pictures will be very different. Take the photos of damage to your own car and the other car. If the damage is not serious, it doesn't matter if there is any photo. You can use the repair estimate. However, if the collision is serious, you must take a photo, so that you can produce an unusual visual effect. . It is difficult to replace the text. If your car is not damaged seriously (because of the good condition of the sheet metal), and the car of the other party damaged seriously, you can also take pictures of the damage of the other car to help explain the strength of the collision at that time.

Seeking medical treatment in time

Timely medical treatment can not only determine whether there is serious internal injury, but also directly affect the amount of compensation.

Ambulance If the car accident is serious and has an uncomfortable feeling, the ambulance should be sent directly to the hospital. Some people are worried that their health insurance does not include an ambulance. Even if the ambulance has arrived at the scene of the accident, it refuses to go to the ambulance. Some people happen to be in the car accident at night, hoping to go home, or thinking that they will go to work the next day. I have to go to school, so I feel painful or uncomfortable even if I am injured, but I still insist on driving home. In fact, even if your health insurance does not include an ambulance, the Liability of the car accident party will be responsible. If the party has no car liability insurance, then the average cost of the ambulance for the Uninsured Motorist Coverage is between $1,300 and $1,500. After the ambulance is delivered to the hospital, the hospital will usually bandage, suture the trauma, and do a comprehensive inspection. If you don't find any serious problems, you can go home and rest after 2~3 hours.

If the internal organs are intact, there is no bone injury, only muscle or soft tissue injury; you can seek Chinese medicine or Chiropractor treatment with massage, acupuncture or cold magnetic field. Some people are busy, after a car accident, after 3 to 4 weeks, they still feel shoulder pain and back pain, they want to seek medical treatment, and some people go to the doctor soon after the accident, but after seeing it a few times, it feels better after three days. Not only affects the recovery of the body, but also does not get good compensation. Of course, we do not recommend excessive treatment. Some people see the doctor endlessly because the car is hit a little, and feel that the massage is very comfortable. However, insurance companies cannot take all the orders, and the treatment must be reasonable and appropriate.

Some people, because they don't have health insurance, are afraid of hurting their purses, and feel that the pains such as shoulder pain and back pain will automatically get better over time, so they don't take the initiative. In fact, most Chinese medicine practitioners and Chiropractor specializing in car accidents accept Lien. That is to say, after the parties and agents have signed Lien, these doctors are willing to provide treatment first, and then the lawyer will receive compensation from the insurance company. Gold (usually 1/3 of the total compensation) is allocated to the doctor as its medical expenses.

If the injured person has health insurance or auto insurance in the car insurance, the insurance information can be given to the doctor. In this way, insurance can pay the doctor first. Depending on the different conditions of different insurances, most insurance claims for third-party liability (Reimbursement) means that after the 3rd party’s auto insurance company paid compensation, the injured Your own insurance company will usually ask Reimburse for all or part of the amount they have previously paid from this compensation. A few insurance companies such as CSAA (AAA) do not require Reimbursement, so that the injured can get double compensation.

Case analysis of car accident claims:

In 2008, a guest named Li had a serious car accident on the expressway. After the newly purchased Toyota Camry was hit in 2008, it rolled two rolls before stopping, and the car was completely destroyed. In addition to the surname couple, there are also a couple of relatives who came to visit relatives from Shanghai, China. Because of the serious car accident, the ambulance quickly rushed to the scene of the scene. After Mr. Li got off the bus, he was shocked and determined that he did not feel bad. The relatives who sat in the back seat had a big bag after being hit by the head. The wife also felt a headache and felt vomiting, but she refused to take the ambulance to the hospital because she had to travel the next day. Only Mrs. Li was bleeding from the window of her right hand and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance. After a thorough examination by the hospital, it was determined that Mrs. Li had no internal injuries and Mrs. Li was allowed to leave the hospital two hours later. In the next two months, Mrs. Lee accepted some Chiropractic treatments. In this car accident case, we won a total of 60,000 US dollars in compensation for Mrs. Li. And Mr. Li and their two relatives, because they did not seek medical treatment, and privately negotiated with the insurance company, each of them only took th

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