Acne pit, acne treatment

It is now clear that acne (acne) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that focuses on inflammation rather than bacterial infection. Long-term chronic inflammation of the inflammation leads to the expansion of tiny dermal capillaries in the dermis, leaving a red acne mark (after acne erythema) after the acne subsides. Dark brown/brown acne marks are a post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) caused by the melanocyte function actively secreting too much melanin particles. A variety of injuries can occur, not only after the acne, such as insect bites, trauma, some laser surgery, some other inflammatory skin diseases (Leth moss, neurodermatitis), etc. may produce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is necessary to put forward a special point, do not handcuffs, to detain acne, the doctor can see at a glance that those acne marks are you deducted.