Stretch mark repair

What is stretch mark repair? As the name suggests, stretch mark repair is to repair the stretch marks that appear in women after childbirth. Many pregnant mothers who love beauty do not like the stretch marks produced after birth, so they will try to repair the pregnancy.

The formation of stretch marks is mainly caused by hormones during pregnancy. The swelling of the abdomen causes the elastic fibers and collagen fibers of the skin to be damaged or broken by different external forces. The skin becomes thinner and thinner, and the skin of the abdominal wall will have some differences in width which is pink or fuchsia wavy pattern of varying lengths. After delivery, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving a white or silver-white shiny scar line, that is, stretch marks. Because stretch marks are female endocrine changes during pregnancy, which cause elastin to break down and denature, elastic fibers are easily broken, so even if postpartum hormone levels return to normal and abdominal pressure is reduced, in general, stretch marks are not self-repairing. Stretch marks are generally characterized by fiber bundle breakage, massive collagen loss, tissue relaxation, and scar epidermis. Therefore, the repair of stretch marks is generally based on the characteristics and causes of stretch marks. There are many methods for repairing stretch marks, generally sports, pregnancy creams or medical cosmetic methods. In addition, a balanced diet can sometimes help repair stretch marks.