Lean face needle/ tightening lifting needle


1) No knife, no trauma, no trace, no pain, soft curve after skinny face, natural effect
2) No trauma, no trace after injection, beautifully coming.
3) It works quickly. Generally, you can see the obvious face-lifting effect after one week. Individuals can get effective in 3 days.
4) The injection time is short, only 10 minutes, and there is no need to recover.
5) The dose and operation of the face-lift needle is precise and cautious, and it is cheaper and more economical than surgery.
6) No need for massage after injection, no special care, no impact on normal work and life.

7) 选用经过国家食品药品监督管理局 (SFDA) 认可的除皱针 (BOTOX),经过神经内科、眼科、整形、美容外科多年临床验证,安全系数更高。

8) The dosage for face-lifting is only one percent of the maximum safe dose of BOTOX, ensuring safety.

The effect of botulism is not permanent: usually after three to six months, the treatment will slowly disappear, and if you want to get the original effect, you must receive another injection.