PDO Thread Lift

The line carving has an immediate effect. As people’s age grows, except for the long wrinkles, the whole face feels down. An important reason for these problems is the loose of facial ligament tissue

The ligament structure of the face, the facial ligament is like an elastic band with good elasticity, which can firmly fix the tissue in the original position. When the elastic fiber of the ligament is broken, the elasticity of the ligament is getting worse and worse, and the tightening effect is getting worse. With the influence of soft tissue aging and gravity, the facial tissue will fall down, and the nasolabial fold, the face of the sheep, and the double chin will come out. Facial line carving is performed by implanting a special PPDO line into the subcutaneous tissue and lifting it up like a ligament, so that the sagging soft tissue is immediately returned to the original position, and the line with a special "two-way inverted claw" can enhance the effect without displacement.

Facial line carving also has a persistent foreign body effect: it stimulates the regeneration of collagen under the skin, making the skin firm and smooth, delicate wrinkle lines, full skin elastic, and improved skin tone.

Wire for face line carving - PPDO line is a very safe absorbable line. This material line can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the body, which has no harmful effect on human health.