Eurostar RF photo rejuvenation

Photon Rejuvenation is an advanced high-tech beauty project that uses pulsed photons to produce photochemical effects, improve acne muscles, and contract muscle pores to treat damaged skin.

French youth kinetic energy water needle

菲洛嘉和普通水光针区别 普通水光针是专门为皮肤补充水分的,而菲洛嘉水光针是为脸部补充营养,这就是为什么很多人打完普通水光针之后总觉得效果不明显……

Laser to remove the red bloods and varicose veins

The face is covered with red blood, which will give people a feeling of just playing or playing with a special red face. For girls with white skin, it is not very good for people to feel the translucent and smooth skin.

FDA certified laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the use of the laser's "selective cold laser effect" to illuminate the hair follicle directly through the epidermis with a laser that mediates to a specific 1064 wavelength.

American genuine ultrasonic scalpel

The ultrasonic scalpel is a high-intensity focused ultrasound that acts on the skin with high-intensity focused ultrasound, precisely focusing on the dermis layer (smas layer) in the lower part ……


CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non-invasive therapy that freezes stubborn fat at specific low temperatures, allowing fat cells to naturally decay, effectively thinning the fat ……

Super RF fat knife

BTL超级射频皮肤紧致原理 BTL超级射频是英国BTL公司研发的前沿智能超频仪器, 采用的超频三维技术,在个性化溶脂的同时, 还能促进胶原蛋白的再生……

CYNOSUPE Pico Sure 755nm

美国正版2018年CYNOSUPE Pico Sure 755nm蜂窝皮秒激光祛斑&绝斑、美白、嫩肤、袪面黄色,激光祛老年斑,皮秒洗纹身、皮秒祛胎记,激光祛红血丝。

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