Physical therapy is the main body of rehabilitation therapy. It uses physical factors including sound, light, cold, heat, and electricity, force (motion and pressure) to treat non-invasive, local or systemic dysfunction or pathology. Non-pharmacological treatment could restore the body's original physiological functions.

Natural therapy

Natural therapy is the application of substances and methods directly related to human life, such as food, air, water, sunlight, gymnastics, sleep, rest, and mental factors that are beneficial to health, such as hope, belief, etc. to maintain and restore health as a scientific art.

Correction of bones

Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the treatment of fractures, dislocations and other diseases by means of push, sputum, press, and sputum. The orthopedic bone is a specialist name. It is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries. It is also one of the "Thirteen Subjects"……


The needle method refers to the needle (usually refers to the needle) piercing the patient according to a certain angle under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and using acupuncture methods such as twisting and lifting to stimulate specific parts……

Traditional Chinese medicine doctors

It is the medicine based on traditional medicine created by the Chinese Han people, so it is also called Chinese medicine. It is a discipline that studies the diagnosis and prevention of human physiology, pathology, and disease.

You Li Plastic, Hot Li Plastic

You Li Plastic puts the excellent plastic instrument on the surface of the human skin, so that the skin tissue can convert the fat cells in the body into glycerate and water through ultrasonic waves. The fat cells will age prematurely and die successively, and excreted through the metabolism to reach the body.

BTL quantum fat knife

360-degree treatment, many instruments will have surgical dead angles, and the effect of BTL fat knife can reach other parts of the body, including chest, thigh, waist, abdomen, hand, truly 360 degrees without dead angle treatment. The treatment of waist and abdomen is 3-4 cm thin

Quantum frozen fat

A technical that breakthrough in fat reduction, using frozen technology to eliminate stubborn cellulite, a special treatment probe to fix the target cellulite and freeze for one hour, causing the fat cells to degenerate and degrade. Each treatment can eliminate about 20% of fat cells.

Quantum V carving

Thermal stimulation initiates the healing mechanism of skin repair, stimulates the regeneration and remodeling of new collagen fibers, increases the number of new collagen, arranges more closely, enhances blood circulation, and enhances the stretching of collagen tissue to fill wrinkles

What should I do after a car accident in York Spring repair rehabilitation center? 

ABOUT US At York spring Physiotherapy Rehabilitation, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. Our team of healthcare professionals has years of experience and strive to assist you in your recovery through effective therapy and an emphasis on education. Our therapists take the time to teach each of our clients how to […]

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