Stretch mark repair

What is stretch mark repair? As the name suggests, stretch mark repair is to repair the stretch marks that appear in women after childbirth. Many pregnant mothers who love beauty do not like the stretch marks produced after birth, so they will try to repair the pregnancy.

Scar and caesarean section scar treatment

Caesarean section scar is a trace left on the wound after surgery. It is generally white or grayish white, smooth and hard. About two to three weeks after the scalpel is scarred, the scar begins to proliferate, at which time it becomes red, purple, hard……

Acne pit, acne treatment

It is now clear that acne (acne) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that focuses on inflammation rather than bacterial infection. Long-term chronic inflammation of the inflammation leads to the expansion of tiny dermal capillaries……

Acne treatment

Dot matrix laser technology is a skin cosmetic technique that is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. The theory of lattice laser therapy in English is called SMART SKIN CO2 (Dot Matrix Photothermal……

Gold rejuvenation


bee picosecond freckle

Pico Sure have 755 wavelengths, known as chloasma and other snipers. No matter what kind of variegated species (freckles, sunburn, age spots, hormone spots, chloasma, etc., shallow spots deep spots, to other people's uncertain hordes……


The advantages of BOTOX wrinkle removal are small damage, quick effect, convenient operation, cheap price, do not affect the work. Compared to traditional chemical peeling, skinning, collagen injection, fat charging or small incision wrinkle……

Anti-aging Hormone

Hormonal therapy, also known as hormonal balance therapy, is often used early on to treat some of the symptoms of women during menopause, which can reduce a woman's risk of heart disease and osteoporosis and slow down

Platelet-rich plasma

1.Wrinkle Removal: PRP is rich in a variety of growth factors, after the injection of shallow dermis, can stimulate a lot of collagen, elastic fiber, colloid and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of strong wrinkle removal, can remove a variety of wrinkles.

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